Children & Adolescents

It is not uncommon for children to come across difficulties during the long journey to adulthood. While every child is unique, sometimes they encounter emotions, feelings or behavior that cause problems in their lives and the lives of those around them. Sometimes, it is a child’s family that notices when their child or teenager has difficulty coping with things, feels sad, can’t sleep, gets involved with drugs, or can’t get along with family or friends. Other times, children & adolescents themselves may notice problems and either ask for help or try to hide behind a wall of avoidance.

Children and adults alike are often quite wary of seeing a psychiatrist. Many fears arise – fear of being labeled with a “diagnosis” or an “illness,” fear of medications, fear of talking about things that are uncomfortable, or hard to understand, or not easily understood by their parents.

I have a deep appreciation for these concerns, and work to meet a child at his or her level of understanding. Together, we find a way to move forward.

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If you are a child or adolescent whose family is seeking the help of a psychiatrist, please click here: Youth Resources